Innovation Strategies

We apply lean and design-driven methods to understand user behavior and help you create winning product innovations.

Product Design

We help you create great multi-platform product experiences by applying holistic and lean methods that take your users’ context into account.


We offer open and tailored workshops to improve your skills in key areas like creative product management, interaction design, and user research.

Our work principles

#1 Visual And Innovations-driven –
Identify the optimal path to successful product innovation

Is your project an eagle, a rabbit or a hedgehog? This question may sound odd at first, but your answer helps us to better define the approach we will take in working with you. For example, if your project is a slow-but-steady hedgehog, we will take a more incremental approach, improving your product bit by bit. If your project is a soaring eagle, we will set up a more radical plan to rethink your business model and product.

#2 Lean And Fast –
Designing engaging product experiences

Before you embark on an innovation project, we support you in selecting or generating the idea that best fits your users and your business. Or we might challenge the hypotheses you have about your targets users’ needs and behaviours. Once the right idea has been found, we work with you and your team to find the best product solution. As the idea of product discovery is quantity and speed, we try to this as fast as possible, following our “explore – create – validate – revise” design process.

#3 People-Oriented –
Develop your skills in product management and user experience design

It is hard work to keep stay on top of the fast-changing technology trends, current research and new methodologies, especially if you try to do this alongside your daily work load. That’s why we offer open as well as tailored workshops and boot camps to help you improve your skills and deepen your knowledge. In addition to longer workshops, we also offer intense 2 to 3 hour formats for those of you who can’t spend a whole day away from work.

Who we are

Ubercreative is a product design lab, founded by Wiebke Kudernatsch and Inken Petersen. Our mission is to help you make things and ideas happen by applying a learning-based, lean and creative approach. We are hands-on practitioners with many years of experience in our field.We believe that sustainable learning only happens through real experience and personal dialogue. We are passionate about sharing our learnings and our expertise. Our goal is to make your life easier and support you as co-workers and companions who help you through your organisational and project challenges. We also happen to be really friendly people and good listeners and love hearing about your questions and ideas.


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