Design Sprint Boot Camp

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Design Sprint Boot Camp:

Designing, prototyping and testing ideas
with your customer in five days

28th-29th September 2017, Hamburg

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The Persona Toolbox:

Creating and using user data effectively
for agile project set-ups

16th November 2017, Hamburg

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Design Sprint Master Class:

Building up and facilitating great design
sprints for different business challenges

07th-09th February 2018, Hamburg

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Our Mission

Great products and services involve users along the customer journey with their high quality standard in design language and functionality. Companies achieve this product excellence only by a true understanding of user needs and combining this user-focused attitude in projects with up-to-date user experience, technological and design capabilities. 

How we can help you

Envision the best product experience strategy

Establish Lean UX processes and methods

Build UX skills and competencies in teams

Boost product innovation with ideation workshops

Set-Up method guides to increase performance

Foster the right product mindset in teams

How we work

  • Discovery Academy: Establish Discovery processes and practices across the product teams

  • Team Coaching: Develop a clear vision of the ideal user experience profile with the team

  • Lean User Research Set-Up: Get the most of user research projects by applying lean methods

  • Design Sprint Coaching: Run several design sprints for a product relaunch with a team

  • Vision Building: Define a user-centric product vision for a range of new digital products

  • Lean Prototyping: Create lean prototypes for the television device of the future

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