About Ubercreative

Take your user-centric agile product

development the next level

What we do

UX Method Trainings

Good teams are key to the success of a product. With customized training concepts and the right method training units, individual skills are fostered within teams with the aim of achieving real results.

Innovation Bootcamps

Projects involving the creation of new products or services benefit from external support during their formation phase. Our innovation bootcamps make you faster and better in the long run.

UX Process Programs

Introducing user-centric processes to well-established companies helps to raise working methods to a new level. Training and workshop formats accompany you during the course of this transformation.

Meet the founders

Ubercreative is a product innovation lab. Our mission is to help you make things and ideas happen by applying a learning-based, lean and creative approach. Our goal is to make your life easier and support you as co-workers and companions who help you through your organisational and project challenges.

Wiebke Kudernatsch

Wiebke Kudernatsch

Principal Product Strategist