Project References

A selection of companies we've helped

to establish user-centric product development

Our recent projects

Aligning the product team with a common product vision based on UX & business insights

Creating an experience design strategy based on lean UX and user research methods

Strengthen the product development in user-centered product processes and methods

Fostering the product outcome with design sprint trainings and customized coachings

Fostering product vision with design thinking and persona development

Boosting team work in product ideation sprints with lean UX and feature mapping methods

Coaching product teams in systematic innovation with a user-centric and lean procedure 

Increasing the efficiency in product teams with fast design sprints and product discovery

Increasing the quality of ideas with lean user research and user testing approaches

Providing discovery planning and aligning experience design with business strategy

Fostering the business outcome with personas and fast product ideation sprints

Strengthen the UX setup with team workshops for product, design and user research work

Establishing a customized lean UX method guide for product innovation and discovery work

Vision prototyping and aligning experience design with company’s business strategy

Shaping product vision with vision prototyping and design principle development

Coaching design teams in user-centered design and a new way of collaborative team work