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The Persona Toolbox — 
Creating and using user data effectively for agile project set-ups

Persona Toolbox Training

Persona Toolbox Training
Dates on request

Applying learnings from user data and persona profiles is a key requisite for agile product development projects that want to put the users’ needs and interests front and center. This workshop teaches participants which persona methods work best for varying project types, and how user data can be used to create a sustainable business strategy. This workshop aims at creating a good balance between theory and hands-on doing.

In this one-day workshop you will learn

  • which effect a user-centered product development can have on your brand and product
  • which persona approach works best for which project type
  • how to effectively set up persona profiles within an agile project (from team workshop to lean validation)
  • how to determine the most important user groups based on initial persona hypotheses
  • how to define an agile persona framework within your own project context
  • how to use practical method blueprints to create your own methodology toolbox

The training is restricted to ca. 10 participants. The workshop is targeted at everyone who deals with digital product development and wants to work in a more user-centered way, for example product managers, project leads, user experience specialists and visual designers.

The Design Sprint Five Day Process — 
Designing, prototyping and testing ideas with the customer

Design Sprint Boot Camp

Design Sprint Boot Camp
Dates on request

Design Sprints are a powerful method for developing and validating user-centered ideas. They are an effective way to generate business strategies, develop product innovations and systematically analyse usage and user data. All this is bundled into a tried-and-tested five-day process that works in any team setup and results in a fast and user-centered product development.

In this two-day workshop you will learn

  • what you need to develop user-centered ideas, build prototypes and validate them with users within a single working week
  • how to participate in and benefit from a creative, collaborative work process in combination with the design sprint
  • how to quickly generate ideas based on the so-called sprint challenge
  • how to run and evaluate a user test in the team based on an example project
  • how to use the most important Lean UX methods for the design sprint
  • how to use practical method blueprints to create your own methodology toolbox

The training is restricted to ca. 10 participants. The workshop is targeted at participants who want to make design sprints a part of their work, for example product managers, user experience managers, developers and designers in digital product development.

About the UX school

  • Learn from industry experts and practitioners

    In our boot camps and workshops you will learn from well-connected senior-level industry experts with substantial knowledge and experience in their respective areas of expertise. 

  • Unique Learning Experience

    Learning does not have to be boring. In our boot camps and workshops we use the project-based learning approach ans attempt to create real project situations.

  • Build up your method knowledge

    A solid foundation of method, tools and process knowledge is essential to be successful. In our trainings we’ll introduce you to a set of very easy-to-use and practical methods and blueprints for your daily work.